2012 range on its way!


It’s been a long while since I last updated my blog. Been a very busy bee with getting the Xmas orders  done on time ! Now that the mad rush is over, I have had time to play around with other ideas…

This time using terracotta clay and no lace patternwork. Just simple doodling into the clay and stamping various patterns.When I painted and glazed this  gorgeous Siamese cat bowl,  I had no idea as to what it would look like. That’s the beauty of pottery when there are no expectations and be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I must say I LOVE this new look ( well, one of many different new looks, so watch this space).

I am fired with enthusiasm as to making more of this kind of range for 2012 , with different sizes and cat styles but essentially using the same techniques as shown in the pictures.

So, must sign off  to experiment and play with more of the new range !

Till Later

Pats and purrs


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Unique handmade ceramic pieces using our beloved feline friends as inspiration.

Some are decorative pieces while others are functional (bowls, plates, vases, soapdishes…whatever takes my cat fancy !).

Pieces are usually made once-off, although similar items can be made on request. Just view the picture gallery and decide what you would like and I will try to accomodate you.

Pictures of  the finsihed item will be emailed to you before collection/postage.

An absolute must  collectible for the cat lover, or those  looking for that special gift!

A percentage of the profists will be donated to charities.

For more information contact: carolynfedler102@gmail.com

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